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Over the years, LUBA has produced an eclectic mix of studio and live recordings. Her list of works appeals to fans of all ages and is a testament to the depth and diversity of her creativity and hard work. Take a look at her discography.


"The charming power lady gets under your skin - self-confident and authentic", V. Tanner, Leipziger Volkszeitung


LUBA is a musician, singer and songwriter. Growing up in post-socialist Russia, she became involved with music at an early age and wrote her first song at the age of six. At the age of ten, she moved to Berlin and quickly learned the language thanks to her musical inclination.


As a teenager, she is the lead singer of school bands and impresses both the audience and a well-known producer. Along the way, she builds a recording studio with friends, learns a lot about analog music production, establishes a small art venue and organizes festivals in Brandenburg. As a singer, she achieved regional success with the band "Grüttrock".


The band split up in 2015 and LUBA went back to Berlin. As an event manager, she pulls the strings behind the scenes of big events, immerses herself in the world of the beautiful and the rich. 

But she is not happy. She feels misplaced. 

In poems and songs, she explores her emotional world until one morning she realizes that her place is not backstage, but on stage.

In early 2019 she scrapes together her savings, and puts all her eggs in one basket with the decision to devote herself fully to music from then on. 

A short time later she started working on her first solo album "Embrace the Dark", which she completed in cooperation with Hamburg-based music producer Mark Ziebarth at the end of January 2020.


The record summarizes LUBA's creative work of the last years and tells the listener about the perhaps most important journey in life.  The journey to self, which can become possible as soon as you allow yourself to have faith. The message of "Embrace the Dark" is clear: no one should demonize their needs or try to lock them away.

Luba states, "We can choose what we do, what we consume, how we go about our day, how we perceive ourselves, and how we treat each other. I want to affirm everyone to be truthful, conscious and to follow your heart.  Not just the mind, but your heart!"


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